Creating Setups

You can create and modify your own setups at the beginning of games, or select from Probe's database of 50,000 game designs archived from human match play.

Choose Setup

If you want to use an existing setup, first indicate the database, either Yours or Probe's. Then click Select... to choose a particular setup, or click Previous and Next to scroll through the database.

Create or Modify Setups

To create a new setup, or modify an existing one, use these commands:

  • Add. Click and drag the piece from the tray on the left to the board.
  • Move. Click and drag the piece along the board to the new square.
  • Remove. Right mouse on the piece to clear it from the square and replace it in the tray.

You can save any setup you create or modify, including a setup selected from Probe's database. Your setups are stored as individual text files you can view in your data files folders. Probe's setups are stored in a password-protected database.